Tis the Season for Leaking Skylights

Rains and fast melting snow brings out skylight problems

Spring showers bring not only welcomed flowers, but all too often they usher in a downpour of calls from people experiencing leaks in their skylights.

It is especially prevalent because large amounts of water can assault the skylight and the skylight flashing in a short period of time. This can be common when skylights are inadequately installed or repaired with inferior materials. However, this is not true with all skylights. We have thousands and thousands of happy customers that never give it a second thought when we get several feet of snow followed by many balmy days of melting conditions. They can also stand under their skylights under the biggest rain storm watching the lightening play across the sky and never even think about whether their home will stay dry or not. Experience has proven that all will remain warm and dry thanks to the expertise and professional workmanship offered by the Skylight Specialists!

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