Skylights and the Colorado Garden and Home Show

Skylight Energy Efficiency is an all season concern

Summer heat gain and winter heat loss will both take a bite out of your energy budget.

The cold is upon us. Although we haven’t seen much snow as of yet, the temperatures have been quite bit chilly. Generally, we perform most of our skylight efficiency upgrades during the warmer parts of the year, but the winter months are just as important to consider an efficiency upgrade… if not more so.

The most common complaint we hear from customers with old dome style skylights, is heat gain. It’s easy to understand this complaint, as you can directly experience this inefficiency by standing underneath it. It’s hot… time for a change. But, the more insidious energy loss occurs when the warm air inside your house escapes during the winter season. This expense is hidden within the bill you have to pay at the end of the month. Your furnace will just compensate while your hard earned money makes up the difference.

We, at Skylight Specialist, have never accepted the assumption that we are only a ‘seasonal’ service provider. Our doors are open all year long, and, our skilled and experienced service technicians can be at your door in January as well as July. If you are considering improving the look, the strength, the curb appeal, and of course the efficiency of your skylights and skylighting systems, please give us a call today for your all year, all season solution.

However, if you would like to see some available options yourself and discuss possible solutions face-to-face, please accept our personal invitation to visit our booths at the 2011 Colorado Garden & Home Show. This annual event will be held this year at the Colorado Convention Center from February 12th though the 20th. We hope see you soon!

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