Custom Residential Glazing or Glass Systems

There are many homes that have difficult sloped or even vertical glazing problems that we are experts at solving

We often get called on by insurance companies and national contractors to help them solve glass problems that their residential clients have issues with. An example is a six-figure project that we are doing in Evergreen, CO.

The client had three problems; a cluster skylight that sat down inside three parapet walls and drained in the reverse direction from the slope of the roof. Yeah, I know, doesn’t sound right, and it isn’t. That’s why we redesigned it to slope in the other direction and to install glass with butt joints. This then drains onto an atrium area that originally had an aluminum greenhouse like structure that didn’t match the house design. We changed the design to wood glu-lam beams with electric venting skylights (VSE’s) The third problem was vertical glass that went from the ground to 30′ in the air. All the vertical glass is being redesigned from inset glass (with ugly stops, etc.) to surface mounted glass. And, instead of all wood on the exterior it will be all aluminum. Additionally, the vertical posts were 8″ wide, now they will be 3″ wide. Much more cleaner look with low maintenance which will enrich the value of the home by far.

I’ll add some before and after pictures to this and others posts when the job is complete.

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