Effective Skylight Replacement for 80’s-Era Townhouse in Denver

An overdue, important, skylight repair and replacement.

We were contacted by the owner of an 80″s-era townhouse. The original skylights have been drafty, leaking and causing some drywall damage. Since it is a rental property, they were also concerned about costs.

We Have a Cost Effective Solution:

Custom sized skylights

There are two common skylight sizes found in Denver, both approximately two foot by four foot. Because these skylights are about two foot by five foot, they must be custom manufactured, a service Velux is prepared for.

This will cure 40 year old skylight issues.

Custom flashing

Velux engineers flashing kits designed to fit common skylight sizes. Again because of the uncommon size, custom flashing is required. SSI is equipped to take this in stride.

This repairs roof leaks.

The new skylights made a big difference

Skylight Specialists did a wonderful job replacing 40 year old skylights. They were very professional from the initial contact through installation. The new skylights made a big difference in eliminating the drafts. The installers were very detailed in the installation.

May, 20, 2024
Shelly Hengsteler
Aurora, CO 80015

The finished project.

Velux warrants their product for ten years and Skylight Specialists guarantees our workmanship for fifteen years. Problem solved.

Product Used:

The Skylight:

  • Two VELUX Custom FCM 2359 skylight Curb Mount Skylight.
  • Approx. 2-foot x 5- foot.
  • Pre-finished white interior frame.

Standard Features:

Energy Star logo

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