VELUX Custom FCM Diamond Skylight

An unusual orientation.

Built in 1989, this residence in Denver’s Hilltop neighborhood has a total of seven skylights.

Six of the skylights were replaced with standard Velux FS M02 skylights. These are deck mounted, fixed skylights in a common size.

However, the seventh skylight was also a deck mount skylight used in an improper manner. The skylight had been rotated to appear as a diamond shape on the roof.

A curb mount custom FCM skylight solves a problem.

Deck mounted skylights have a top (the head) and a bottom (the sill). Because the flashing is integrated with the skylight, it too, is designed with a top and bottom. Rotate them and you create issues that worsen over time.

A curb, with our ability to create custom flashing, can be rotated (and sealed) at any angle. The custom FCM sits on top of the curb like a shoe box lid. Again, with a perfect seal.

Peace of Mind!

  • Skylight Specialists, Inc. warrants our workmanship for five years.
  • Ten year Product Warranty from Velux (excludes flashing).
  • Energy Star rated. Energy savings can pay for the skylight in a few years.

What Is a Curb Mounted* Skylight?

outside curb dimension

A curb is simply a wooden box that is built higher than the roof and flashed (sealed) to become part of the roof.

The skylight is then dropped over the curb—much like the lid of a shoe box—and attached from the outside.

*Required for roof slopes LESS than 3/12 (14°).

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