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Log home in Frisco, CO has three leaking skylights.

The home has one smaller skylight that was replaced with a standard sized Velux FCM 2246 skylight and some curb modification, while the two larger skylights, 3′ x 6½’, required custom Velux SkyMax skylights.

c1 home
Beautiful log home in Frisco, CO.

Removing the existing skylights in the metal roof:

Our crews work year round, so clearing snow off a roof is relatively routine. However, a metal roof does add a few complications that can be labor intensive.

The metal roof requires a large area of roof panels to be removed. These panels are stuck to the tar underlayment and must be removed carefully to prevent damage.

Curb construction and ice and water shield:

A new curb is constructed from 2 x 6 lumber which allows us to make use of a standard sized skylight, (and keep costs down), improve the seal between curb and skylight, and also raises the skylight higher above the metal roof, which is important for keeping ice damming from being a problem.

Ice and water shield is applied to the entire curb and the area immediately surrounding it. This sheet of sticky underlayment helps ensure decades of weatherproof service.

A combination of the Velux EDM flashing kit and custom flashing is required.

The Velux engineered aluminum EDM flashing kits provide the all important sill flashing—which is pliable to conform to the metal roof profile.

A portable brake and sheet aluminum gives us the capability to produce counter flashing that will channel any water penetration back to the exterior.

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Installation complete!
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