MAGS Bar Retrofit in Roxborough Park

An extended pyramid skylight sits over a unique pool house.

This large home (over 10,000 sq ft under roof) sits near Roxborough State Park, known for its dramatic red sandstone formations. Similar formations abound around the neighborhood and the owners have several large boulders within their pool room.

Phase 1 – Removing caps, the glass, and the base framework, measuring, and then covering.

Demoing the skylight:

The team pulls the beauty caps and compression bars to expose the glass. Removing the glass and transporting it across a roof and down ladders requires strength, teamwork and expertise! Once the glass is removed, the crew removes the remaining framework.

Measuring and Covering:

With the old skylight removed, the crew lays down our MAGS Bar base and takes precise measurements for the new Solarban 70 LowE glass units. Glass is ordered and the opening is weatherproofed with a tarp and ice and water shield, pending glass delivery.

Phase 2 – Setting and securing glass, manufacturing and installing flashing, and topping it off with beauty cap.

This project had an unusual challenge–setting the glass under an eave less than two feet above the skylight. A tight squeeze and awkward positioning for our crew.

Setting a heavy, delicate glass unit under these conditions is not only difficult, if the unit is broken, it would incur an additional expense and delay the completion of the project a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

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Installation is complete!

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