Replace Hail Damaged Dome

A broken acrylic dome skylight necessitates replacement.

Not only did the hail put a hole in the plastic skylight, it also broke a couple of roof tiles.

Thank you Skylight Specialists!

Thank you Skylight Specialists! You managed all aspects of the replacement of our hail-broken skylight and related shingles beautifully. Installer Devin did an awesome job; he was very prompt, conscientious, skilled and a pleasure to work with. My wife and I recommend you folks highly!

October, 9, 2021
Tom Kimball
Parker, CO

Three Layers of Protection and a Ten Year No-Leak Warranty.

Warranty includes no glass breakage by hail up to 2" diameter.

  1. Adhesive underlayment.
  2. Engineered flashing.
  3. Gasket attached to the bottom of the skylight.

The images below illustrate a typical installation of the three layers of protection Velux skylights provide. Once the old skylight is removed, the sticky underlayment, sometimes called ice and water shield, is applied to the roof deck and wrapping the curb.

Next comes the engineered aluminum {no rust} flashing designed specifically for tile applications.

The polymer gasket on the bottom of the skylight provides an air and water tight seal to the curb.

Product Used:

The Skylight:

  • 1 FCM 2246 VELUX FCM Fixed Curb Mount Skylights.
  • Velux ECW flashing kit.
  • Approx. 2 foot x 4 foot.

Standard Features:

  • Clean, Quiet, Safe, Neat Glass
  • Velux ten year No-Leak warranty on product and installation, including glass breakage by hail up to 2" diameter.
  • Pre-finished white frame.
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