Broken Acrylic Dome Replacement

Cracks in the acrylic dome skylights necessitate replacement.

The acrylic has become brittle over time and both skylights had lots of cracks. Stress created by expansion and contraction can cause numerous small cracks along the edges. Larger cracks are often caused by impact.

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Replace (2) existing skylights with (2) VELUX Model FCM 2246 (26×50) skylights with ECL flashing

April, 27, 2023
Alden Peterson
Indian Hills, CO

Replacing the skylights:

Three layers of protection.

Ice and water shield is an adhesive underlayment for secondary water protection against the harshest weather conditions.

Velux engineered flashing simplifies installation and provides primary water protection.

The skylight gasket provides a tight seal between a standard site-built curb and the skylight that caps off a leak-proof installation for curb mounted skylights.

What you can't see in the photos:

The beautiful sky views provided by clear glass.

The reduction in solar heat gain provided by the sophisticated coatings on today's lowE3 glass.

99.9% reduction of UV radiation.

Noise reduction provided by glass compared to plastics.

Product Used:

The Skylight:

  • Two VELUX FCM 2246 Curb Mount Skylight.
  • Velux engineered ECL aluminum flashing.
  • Approx. 2 foot x 4 foot.

Standard Features:

  • Clean, Quiet, Safe, Neat Glass
  • Velux ten year no leak warranty on product and installation, including glass breakage by hail up to 2" diameter.
  • Pre-finished white frame.
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