How to block the glare from your skylight

Products available to block the glare from your skylight

This time of year some people experience too much heat gain and/or glare from their skylights. You have several choices:

  1. Replace the glazing, Could be a higher performance glass or replace the clear acrylic dome with a bronze dome
  2. Apply sunscreen to the exterior of the skylight. This works best on glass skylights as the glass is flat. This blocks the heat prior to reaching the glass subsequently keeping the glass from transferring radiant heat into the home.
  3. Apply tinted film to glass. If the glass has Low E or other types of heat-blocking properties or is laminated then the film will cause the glass to fail. You cannot add film to acrylic. We do not recommend this procedure for these reasons.
  4. Adding shade accessories on the interior: Venetian blinds, roller blinds, cellular shades, light block shades, etc. This gives good control of the light but the heat is still in the home and the shades do take a beating. This option is still a pretty good option, especially if you have a Velux skylight. This is because you pay less for standard accessories from Velux than you do buying custom shades.

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