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Glare is all about contrast and is caused by unequal light distribution.  Types of glare. Skylights can reduce glare by providing more equal light distribution. How to reduce glare from skylights More on Glare

Controlling the Light

The Best Way to Control Light While having fresh air and daylight is a good thing, glare in your TV room and home office or a nap with the sun shining in your face is not. There are lots …

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How to block the glare from your skylight

Products available to block the glare from your skylight This time of year some people experience too much heat gain and/or glare from their skylights. You have several choices: Replace the glazing, Could be a higher performance glass or …

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Sunscreen for Skylights

In Denver we sometimes need help with sunscreen to block out heat and damaging sunrays. Sunscreen is an inexpensive material to use to block UV rays that cause heat and sun-damaging light rays. It is best used when it …

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Light from Skylights Skylights – The light that enters your space from above works so much better because: 1) light traveling down from above puts a shadow under items in the room. (shadows under your couch instead of beside the …

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