High Rise Penthouse | MAGS BAR Replacement

A 16th floor penthouse apartment.

Built in 1975, the skylight in the penthouse apartment of this high rise in the Cheesman Park neighborhood in Denver has damaged glass, including cracks and failed seals.

Cheesman Park is an eclectic mix of high rise apartments, single family homes, restaurants, coffee houses, cocktail bars and more. To bring in a crane large enough to lift crates to the top of a sixteen story building would require blocking off a street. The expense and the issues that would cause for people in the neighborhood would be prohibitive.

cracked skylight

Interior access only.

Fortunately, the versatility of our own MAGS BAR glazing system allows us to bring the pieces needed to replace the skylight up to the top floor via elevator.

The first phase of the project is to remove the glass and framework of the old skylight, Then we install the new MAGS BAR framework and measure the twelve openings for the exact glass sizes needed to fill them. We then weatherproof the system with plywood and plastic sheeting to await the glass delivery.

Set the glass and cap it off.

Once the glass has been received and transferred to the top of the building, we can begin to set it in place. This operation requires a great deal of teamwork, careful handling and precision. Our crews have years of experience with the process and all proceeds smoothly.

Glass chosen is SolarCool Pacifica with Solarban 70XL, a high performance combination that will provide lots of daylight and little of the heat—perfect for this application.