Curb Construction for an All Glass View

Replacement skylights were a necessity.

The owners of this residence in Centennial, CO knew it was past time to replace their aging, curb mounted, acrylic dome skylights. Water had been seeping through the roof and had caused interior drywall damage. We originally proposed to replace their skylights with deck mounted skylights since the roof pitch was steep enough to accommodate that style. These skylights would have been sized to fit the existing openings in their roof.

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Existing water damage.

The deck mounted skylights, while an exact fit for the opening, would reduce the actual daylight area somewhat with the edge of the frame and the glass seal. But the customers wanted the maximum amount of glass area as possible.

Meeting a customer’s request.

To increase the daylight area, the solution was to use Velux curb mounted skylights in a size larger than necessary. This required new curb construction at the larger size rather than simply setting new skylights on top of the existing curbs.

As you can see in the images, the skylight frame sits well outside of the existing drywall shaft and provides an unobstructed view—nothing but blue sky!

These skylights are significant upgrades.

Besides the clear view provided, these skylights have some big pluses!

  • A ten year No Leak Warranty covering the skylight AND installation.
  • A ten year warranty covering glass breakage due to hail up to 2 inches in diameter.
  • Superior energy performance—Energy Star rated and they can reduce cooling costs by venting warm air on cool Colorado mornings and then closing and using the optional solar powered blinds on our warm afternoons. These savings can be significant—enough to pay for the skylights in a few years.

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