Controlling the Heat

The Best Way to Block Heat from Entering Your Home

Low E³ Glass

Modern technologies produce glass coatings with impressive statistics—they let in most of the light and very little of the heat. Replacing your glazing to the new highly energy efficient options is the best way to block heat. It feels like you’re in the shade but looks like you’re in  the sun! But replacing a skylight or the glazing will be the most expensive option as well.

Other Options to Control Heat

Sunscreen Is a Cost Effective Solution

Using sunscreen on your glass skylights and windows is the next most effective way to block unwanted heat. Mounted on the outside, above your glass, it blocks the light rays before they strike the glass. This prevents the glass from transferring the radiant heat into your home.

Most sunscreens block around 70% of the heat and about 15% of the light. They reduce glare and the better fabrics last 8-10 years or longer.

Two Different Installation Methods

skylight with sun screen

The least expensive way is to roll the sunscreen into a heavy duty frame (usually 9/16″) and install slide tracks in which to mount the frame. With this method you get on your roof twice a year and remove them in the winter and put them up in the spring (or in Colorado some people leave them up year round). This is also an excellent solution for cooling large glass areas such as sunrooms that heat up so much that they can’t be used. It is very, very effective.

The second choice is using electric sunscreens that are controlled from within your home. Velux has the best system to use on their skylights. Push button is easy but does cost more.

Other solutions are shades (see Controlling the Light).

Films Are the Worst Option

film peeling from window

Installed improperly or on the wrong type of glass can cost you. If the film is put on any type of glass other than regular clear glass it will cause the glass to loose its seal. This is what happens when you see moisture in-between the insulated glass. Some films turn black over a period of time and again the only way to fix it is to replace the glass. We have replaced a lot of glass over the last twenty-five years when people have chosen to use cheap films to solve their heat problem.

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