Artificial Skylights

Skylight Shafts that Lead to Nowhere

Skylight shafts add a dramatic flair to any room. But what if you live in an apartment or studio underneath someone? A British designer has an answer for you. He designed and merged two apartments in Vienna to create a home. To add to the visual interest and design of the home, he added artificial skylights. These are empty shafts that end with more drywall and bright lights, to give the appearance of natural light.

“The artificial skylights and deep-recessed dimmable ceiling spots provide basic uniform light levels to the space,” added the architect.

British architect Alex Graef

British architect Alex Graef

An artificial skylight won’t work everywhere, and obviously a real skylight is preferable, but if you happen to have similar living arrangement, an artificial skylight can be the focal point of a room or even your whole home. After all we often change the blandness of a flat ceiling so that there are angles and shapes that are very dramatic which add style and uniqueness to a room.

Here’s the original article by Dazeen about the home and the architect: Viennese Apartment with Pretend Skylights

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