Sunscreen for Skylights

In Denver we sometimes need help with sunscreen to block out heat and damaging sunrays.

Sunscreen is an inexpensive material to use to block UV rays that cause heat and sun-damaging light rays. It is best used when it is stretched into a heavy duty screen frame and then mounted either permanently or with slide tracks for easy removal in the winter months.

Flat glass skylights are the easiest to mount the sunscreen over as domed skylights would need the screen elevated above it. That makes it impractical and kind of ugly perched high up. Some people will lay the sunscreen over the dome, touching it, which makes it less effective and still a little unsightly. It can also be stretched over the curb prior to skylight installation, but it makes it permanent and it is better to block the heat outside where it can dissipate.

We also use this on sunspaces with great results. If you use too much overhead glass a room will get so hot it is unusable. Our customers that have used the correct sunscreen have been very happy with the results

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