Simple Dome for Dome Replacement

A Simple Dome for Dome Skylight Replacement Isn’t the Best Option.

However, sometimes it’s the only option.

  • An HOA or neighborhood association may require a dome skylight.
  • To match other existing skylights.
  • It’s a custom size or shape.

The benefits of a glass skylight:

  • Standard sizes are less expensive. We do not sell the “cheap” acrylic dome skylights often found in box stores. Only quality American made skylights.
  • Standard sizes are typically in stock. Three days versus three weeks for an acrylic dome.
  • Glass offers a clear sky view. It does not fade in color or become hazy.
  • Low E³ glass is far superior in energy efficiency compared to acrylic glazing.
  • Glass is quieter. Transmits as much as 50% less external noise.

Hail damage!

Built in 1913, this residence in Denver’s Congress Park neighborhood had a hail damaged acrylic dome skylight.

The owner’s went with a simple dome for dome replacement. We supplied and installed a quality American Skylights bronze over clear skylight to “match” the existing skylight.

Still, quite an improvement.

Besides the damage, the new skylight is much clearer. It also has a quality, thermally broken frame providing much better energy efficiency than the older one.

Peace of Mind!

  • Skylight Specialists, Inc. warrants our workmanship for five years.
  • Five year manufacturer’s warranty.

What Is a Curb Mounted* Skylight?

outside curb dimension

A curb is simply a wooden box that is built higher than the roof and flashed (sealed) to become part of the roof.

The skylight is then dropped over the curb—much like the lid of a shoe box—and attached from the outside.

*Required for roof slopes LESS than 3/12 (14°).

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