Deck Mount Skylight Replacement

Our skylights are leaking.

The owners of this large house in the northwest section of Greenwood Village, a suburb south of Denver, CO, contacted us about their leaking skylights. The house was built in 1976 and it is unknown when the skylights were installed, but they are an older Velux model and appeared to have surpassed their service life.

All four deck mounted skylights were showing evidence of water penetration. The location of the leaks tells us that there is a problem with the seal between the skylights and the roof deck. Replacement is the most cost effective solution. 

The solution to the problem.

New VELUX FS C12 fixed deck mount skylights are used to replace the existing skylights. One of the keys to solving a leak of this type is ice and water shield. This sticky, tar-like substance provides an impenetrable barrier between the roof deck and the sides of the skylights and the flashing as the shingles are replaced.

The results.

While there is little change in appearance, there are big advantages that aren’t apparent—for one, the standard Neat glass. Modern technology means this glass stay cleaner longer, is quieter, and even carries a ten year warranty against glass breakage by hail up to two inches in diameter. Besides the ten year No Leak warranty covering the entire installation.

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