Curb Mount Replacement

Typical VELUX Curb Mount Skylight Replacement.

Hail damaged curb mount skylight.
Hail damaged curb mount skylight.

Curb mounted skylights are the most common of all skylights in the Denver metro area. Typically, acrylic domes around 2′ x 4′. And typically energy wasteful, noisy, and susceptible to hail damage.

An Odd Skylight, But a Typical Curb Mount Replacement:

This residence in Denver’s Skyland neighborhood had an old-style and unusual skylight. Built in 1913, the skylight represented the state of the art for the period. Ugly, wire-reinforced glass. Very poor energy efficiency.  Poor sealant technology, but the best they had at the time.

And, check out the vent. This was pre-fan technology which of course let cold air right back into the room.

Replacing a typical curb mounted skylight is a simple process.

First Step:

The first step was to remove the old skylight and trim the curb to prepare it for the new skylight.

Second Step:

The second step was to attach the new VELUX custom sized skylight. And admire the new sky view!

Third Step: Peace of Mind!

  • Skylight Specialists, Inc. warrants our workmanship for five years.
  • Ten year No Leak Warranty from Velux.
  • Energy Star rated. Energy savings can pay for the skylight in a few years.
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