MAGS BAR Polygon Skylight Phase II

The glass is set and the installation is complete.

The final glass selection is Solarban 90 clear tempered over heat strengthened laminated with a total of 83 sq ft of glass. Glass installation proceeded smoothly and with some final cleanup the results are spectacular.

The MAGS BAR skylight installation went off without a hitch, even we are impressed with the transformation of the space! A perfect example of using your fifth wall and daylight as a design element that completely changes the feel of a room.

Let’s replace the remaining skylights.

Before the polygon skylight was completed, the owner requested that we also replace three acrylic barrel vault skylights that were installed on the deck.

The original acrylic barrel vault skylights.

These skylights had definitely seen better days and were overdue for replacement.

The finished MAGS BAR skylights.

Again, the versatility of our own MAGS BAR system made it easy for us to convert the outdated, patched, acrylic skylights into three new glass skylights providing a clear sky view. The three single 38″x93″ pieces of glass provide an unobstructed view of the sky. About 74 sq ft of more Solarban 90 glass.