Custom Shape MAGS BAR Skylight

An oddly shaped skylight.

This residence in north central Westminster has an entryway leading to the front door. With an oddly shaped opening cut into the roof in front of the door. Nice for lighting up the door, not so nice for letting the wearher in!

The owners contacted us to see if the opening could be covered. This sort of project is exactly why we designed our MAGS BAR product. This system allows us to create nearly any shape or size skylight.

mags bar custom shape 17982-166

The system allowed us to cover the opening with three pieces of glass—two rectangles and one trapezoid. Because the skylight was over the exterior and only eight feet or so above the walk, we were able to use clear tempered over clear tempered glass.

In addition, we added to beams to the opening to support the glass . These beams were clad with white aluminum for a very sleek and modern look.

In progress:

With careful measurements and an experienced crew, the project proceeded smoothly. Large dual pane glass pieces are heavy! It takes a minimum of two people, a great deal of care and a fair amount of strength to get them from the truck to the roof.

The finished skylight:

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