VELUX VCS Skylight Installation

The installation of two VCS skylights brings the total to nine skylights!

We installed the first two skylights on this residence in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver in the summer of 2015, three in 2016 and two each in 2016 and 2017. This valued customer certainly understands the value of daylighting one’s home!

A new installation always begins inside.

The number, size and rough location of the skylights is typically determined with an in home consultation. On the day of the installation, our crew’s first step is to protect the interior. Plastic sheeting is hung to isolate the space from the rest of the home and is used to protect floors, cabinets, furniture, etc. from dust and debris. Plywood is used to protect wood floors.

With protection in place, the techs layout the precise locations between the joists on the ceiling and cut out the openings. The corners for the roof opening are marked with nails driven through the roof deck.

The operation now moves to the roof.

Up on the roof.

The openings are laid out on the roof deck and cut. Curbs are constructed from 2×6 lumber, assembled and attached to the roof deck. the curbs are wrapped (flashed) with roofing material and are now part of the roof. The skylights are attached to the curb.

This installation uses sloped curbs. While not uncommon, it’s not the norm.

The advantage? Rain and snow melt will rinse dust and grime from the glass surface.

is the ONLY company

We’ve had 9 skylights installed over the past 4 years by Skylight Specialists and we LOVE every one of them! Their expertise on skylights is incredible! They provide recommendations on location of skylights in a room too and they couldn’t be more spot on! We’ve always had excellent service and every one of our skylights looks amazing!! Professional service starting from our initial appointment straight through to clean up after installation! Skylight Specialists is the ONLY company we will ever have install our skylights.

September, 7, 2021
Colleen Catalano
Denver, CO

The finished skylight installation.

Drywall texture will be done by others

Product Used:

The Skylight:

  • Two VELUX VCS 3046 Deck Mount Skylights.
  • Custom flashing.
  • Approx. 2.5 foot x 4 foot.

Standard Features:

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