Two Sun Tunnels Installed in Kitchen

We’re interested in Sun Tunnels.

The owners of this residence in Lone Tree, CO, a suburb on the southern side of the Denver metro area originally expressed interest in overhead lighting in their living area. But after an in home inspection they decided they would be better served by installing Sun Tunnels in their kitchen instead.

Up on the roof.

This installation was quite typical for Sun Tunnels. Positioning is determined, shingles are stripped and a hole is cut in the roof deck. Then the area is covered with sheets of ice and water shield, a sticky, tar-like substance, that provides a barrier to air and moisture penetration.

Next the Sun Tunnel flashing is installed, the reflective tubing is inserted and the dome caps it all off. Replacing the shingles finishes the roof portion of the installation.

The finished installation.

The installation is finished off on the inside by attaching the tubing to the condenser assembly mounted in the ceiling and capped off with a trim ring.

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