Skylights and Roof windows

What is the difference between a skylight and a roof window?

Roof Windows

emergency exit

Roof windows are skylights that you can walk up to (usually in an attic or loft) and open just like a window. There are even roof windows that open into a small balcony allowing you to take a step outside and have a panoramic view from the roof of your house. Roof windows also allow egress (a way out), which can fulfill building code requirements.


Skylights are installed above your line of sight in the ceiling. These can open too, either manually with a pole or electrically by remote control. They will usually have rain and wind sensors and are highly programmable.  You can control them in several ways:

Bedroom skylights with blinds.
Bedroom skylights with blinds.
  • Temperature
  • Timer
  • High Wind
  • Moisture
  • Shade
  • Remotely through the Internet
  • Smart House

If you can think of a way, we can design the controls to operate your skylight.

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