Reglaze a Lexan Pyramid Skylight

This skylight is showing its age.

Poplar Place Condominiums is a multi-use, 11-unit association that has several business offices, in addition to residential units, and the offices share a common atrium. One of the Lexan panes in the skylight over the atrium is cracked. We were asked to take a look and see if there was something short of replacing the whole skylight we could do.

We proposed replacing all twelve Lexan panels with white Lexan and replacing the caps with our MAGS Bar compression bars and snap caps using existing system.

Finishing the project:

After removing the existing glazing, we cut white Lexan sheets to size and used the MAGS Bar compression bars and snap caps, along with Dow Corning 795 structural silicone, to restore the skylight to like new condition.

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