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She was ready to place her home back on the market.

Our customer bought this house in late 2019 and was ready to place it back on the market because “The house was very dark, almost spooky dark”.

The addition of a skylight offers the perfect solution!

Planning and teamwork allows us to complete the installation in one day.

Part of the crew cleans the snow off the roof while others determine the location and lay it out on the ceiling. A dust barrier is built prior to cutting out the hole in the ceiling.

After the ceiling hole is cut, a rafter is cut and headered and the roof deck is cut out to complete the opening.

new VELUX FS S06 skylight 32150-4

Up on the roof…

Meanwhile, up on the roof, the shingles are being stripped from the new skylight’s location.

The skylight is attached to the roof deck and the process of replacing the shingles begins. The first step is to surround the skylight with ice and water shield. This is a sticky, tar-like sheet that prevents air and water infiltration.

Flashing and the shingles complete the rooftop installation.

Meanwhile, inside…

The skylight shaft is framed with two by four and fiberglass insulation is installed. Drywall is cut and nailed into place and trim is applied to the top of the shaft.

I am beyond happy…

Although I live HOURS away, these fellas not only took the drive, but they arrived EARLY! They managed to keep the work in a secluded spot, which they went above and beyond to clean up once complete, and kept me involved in every step! They were kind and courteous, and very professional. Also, did I mention that this happened all in February in Colorado!? We just had a snow storm and another that was on the way, and the way these men worked, you’d believe it was a bright sunny summer day.
I literally sat in my living room for hours just looking into the sky, watching snow accumulate on the new skylight. I am beyond happy, I thank them, and most importantly, my plants thank them! The house was very dark, almost spooky dark, and now it feels like an ad in Better Homes magazine! I took pictures and posted them to my social media, and already referred them to a friend. This is such an exciting day. I only bought this house in late 2019 and was ready to place it back on the market because well, I’m a plant lady. After yesterday’s new install, that idea is out the window! Who knew that for the right price and a few hours, a house could turn into a home!
Thanks again fellas!

February, 18, 2021
Patrice Martinez
Pueblo, CO

Product used:

VELUX FS S06 with EDL flashing kit.
Ten year No Leak warranty on product and installation,

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Energy Star logo

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