Geodesic Dome Skylight Replacement

Unconventional home has a hail damaged skylight.

This unusual home is located west of Sedalia, CO at the transition to the foothills. It has a number of skylights in various shapes, one of which has been hail damaged and requires replacement.

The damaged skylight is rather unusual itself; it’s a three sided pyramid, acrylic, curb mounted double dome skylight. We seldom see pyramids with anything other than four sides.

The custom replacement:

American Skylights is a quality manufacturer of custom skylights built to the exact size and shape required. They would not consider this skylight to be unusual and were able to provide the exact replacement.

39.5 X 39.5 X 39.5 Base
OD Curb = 42.5 X 42.5 X 42.5

Thermally Broken Curb Mount Triangle /Pyramid Unit
Bronze/Clear Acrylic Pyramid with Bronze Anodized Frame

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