Glass Canopy Project

A Unique Glass Canopy with Big Problems.

The owners of this home, built in 1926 in the Morgan’s Subdivision Historic District and the Country Club neighborhood, contacted us regarding the glass canopy over the front entrance.This unique glass canopy, undoubtedly made by hand when the house was built, has some excellent design features!

By using glass panels, the architect was able to provide shelter from the elements without creating a dark, closed-in feeling.

However, There Were Issues:

  • Leaks.
  • Ugly wire reinforced glass.
  • Cracked and stained glass.
  • The unique design of the glass canopy made it challenging to repair.

We Were Able to Re-Build the Existing System with Key Improvements.

  • Completely cleaned the metal surfaces, including the glass retaining hooks.
  • Applied a butyl tape sealant to the metal to prevent direct contact between the glass and metal.
  • Provided an economical glass replacement in an attractive pattern.

Product Used:

Besides the Obvious Improvement In Appearance:

The butyl sealant was used on both the frame and the glass retaining hooks. This prevents direct contact between the glass panes and metal, a primary cause of the original glass breakage.

The result is an attractive canopy which should last for many years.


  • Taking an eyesore and improving the original design to “modernize” the building while maintaining the original look.
  • Increase the home’s property value.
  • No required maintenance or re-coating costs—individual glass panes  are easily replaced.

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