Recent Projects

Skylight Install with Instant Light Shaft

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A vaulted ceiling allows the use of an Instant Light Shaft to save some cash. The Instant Light Shaft kit simplifies the installation of a skylight by eliminating the time and costs associated with the construction of a traditional drywall light shaft.

Skylight Replacement | Velux VSS C06

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Venting skylight motor failure spurs replacement.
Our first contact with this customer was over twenty years ago. Since that time we have replaced skylights and done other related jobs, including replacing motors on the electric venting skylights that we had installed.

VELUX Install | Denver

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Interior Design After recently purchasing this house in Denver, this customer hired an interior designer to help with the remodel and design of their new home. The biggest portion of the project was to be the new layout of their living room. The homeowner knew they wanted a more open, flowing concept to give the