Velux Skylight Installation Animation

This video shows the basic concept of a skylight installation process.

Interactive Google SketchUp files like this one show how building products can be specified and installed in the real world. This was a project that was produced for Velux USA to help them launch the new No Leak Series of skylights, demonstrating how the new product worked, and how to think about designing it into new projects.

No Leak Skylight

Not all skylights leak, something we have always proclaimed and now Velux is putting their name behind it.

Velux has introduced as of January 2010 a new line of deck mount skylights that they are warranting the installation for ten years, even if they don’t install it! Check out the video for more information.

  • The new skylight comes with underlayment (ice and water seal)
  • 366 LoE 3 glazing with warm edge glass spacers
  • Factory painted pre-finished interior wood
  • 10-year installation warranty plus 20 years on glass, 10 years on skylights, and five years on blinds and controls
  • Pic and Click Brackets for easier shade installation
  • Easier Installation