Franktown Skylight, Cladding and Blind Replacement

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VELUX VCS (Venting Curb Solar) Skylight.VELUX Cladding Kit. Roof Replacement Spurs Significant Skylight Upgrade. The owners of this residence built in 1985 in Franktown’s Bannockburn subdivision made a wise choice. When their roof required replacement, they chose to update their seven skylights along with it. Five of …

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Velux Curb Mount

Velux has curb mount skylights that are non-operable and operable Velux moved out of the world of supplying only deck mounted skylights many years ago. They have built a very nice curb mount non-operable (fixed) glass skylight (FCM) using newer technologies such as rubber for …

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Wind Storms

Windy conditions can blow a skylight off your roof Curb mount skylights can blow off your roof if they are not fastened down properly. Too often roofers use nails to hold down your skylight and this is not acceptable. Combinations of silicone on top the …

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Velux FCM

Exterior front facade 4

Velux Curb Mount Skylights FCM stands for Fixed Curb Mount Skylight. These skylights are excellent quality and an excellent product to use to replace the acrylic domed skylights. The heavy metal cladding (and glass) resists hail stones. They are available in standard and custom sizes. …

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