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Hail damage necessitates replacement.

Had a wonderful experience

Had a wonderful experience using Skylight Specialists. Jenna responded quickly to my request for an estimate on replacing a skylight. Once the order was place a date and time was set for installation. However, I received a call the day after I placed the order asking if the skylight could be installed that afternoon. The service was quick and easy. No hassles! Thank you!

December, 5, 2023
Katherine Sayer
Lakewood, CO 80228

The acrylic dome is a common skylight.

These domes are thermally inefficient, noisy, susceptible to hail damage and yet, they are very common in the Denver metro area.

Velux FCM 2246 skylight 41124-2
Hail damaged acrylic dome skylight.

One of the most common skylight sizes.

We keep this size in stock and because it's a curb mount skylight, and the flashing is in good shape, the labor to replace it is minimized.

Velux FCM 2246 skylight 41124-3
Velux low E3 glass is thermally efficient.

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The Skylight:

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