Dome Skylight Replacement | Evergreen CO

New roof—New skylights.

The owner of this residence, located about 15 minutes north of the town of Evergreen had gotten a new roof installed on his home and decided to replace his outdated acrylic, dome skylights, also. Since skylight and roofs have similar service lives, this is a wise decision.

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The original acrylic dome skylight.

Velux glass skylights are a significant upgrade.

The new Velux skylights with Neat glass are much more energy efficient, quieter, and stay clean longer than acrylic domes. They are double pane, argon filled, Energy Star rated units with improved R values. Sophisticated E3 coatings reflect most of the sunlight’s heat while allowing most of the visible light in.

And the benefits don’t end there.

Velux skylights installed with Velux flashing kits are warrantied against leakage for 10 years, including the product AND installation—and glass breakage from hail up to 2″ in diameter.

Go Solar models include factory installed solar powered blinds and qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit.

The process:

As you will see in the photographs, the process is pretty straight forward. The old skylights and shingles around the existing curbs are stripped. The perimeter is surrounded by ice and water shield—wrapping up the curb. Head and sill flashing are installed and the shingles re-installed, interweaving with the side flashing.

Attaching the new Velux skylight on top of the curb—like a lid on a shoebox—completes the installation.

Product used:

Five Velux Go Solar FCM 2246 curb mounted skylights with ECL flashing kits and CS00 white solar blinds

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