Repainting Your Rooms? Do it at Midday.


Our perception of color changes throughout the day. So you’re wanting to redo your living room and you’re thinking of repainting it a soft off white, but should it be seashell (bluer), ivory (neutral), or cream (yellower)? Depending on …

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False Beams and Skylights


What to do with false beams? As the leader in skylight installations in our area, the chances are that regardless of a room’s layout, we’ve seen it before. A common surprise for many customers is the decorative nature of …

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10 Reasons to Love Skylights

get inspired living room

Houzz Loves Skylights Too!

While it’s easy for us to proclaim our love for skylights, it’s always nice to see others state their love too! Here is Houzz’ top ten reasons to love skylights:…

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Kentucky Garden Shed With a Planted Roof


Sedums Help Prevent Runoff and Add a Green Touch to This Charming Backyard Building A standing water problem in the backyard  of Kentucky family gave them an idea; build their new shed to absorb the water instead of make …

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Artificial Skylights

sky banner

Skylight Shafts that Lead to Nowhere Skylight shafts add a dramatic flair to any room. But what if you live in an apartment or studio underneath someone? A British designer has an answer for you. He designed and merged …

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Roof Gardens

Beautiful rooftop garden

Roof Garden Systems The use of garden roof systems is still relatively new in the United States. However, as energy costs rise and environmental awareness increases, the idea of vegetative roofing is poised to become much more commonplace. In …

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Snowmass Monumental Folding Glass Door

SwingSlide Manitou Springs CO 01

Massive Folding Glass Door Installation We have a residential customer in Snowmass, CO that we installed several Velux VSE skylights in their home. This particular customer remodeled the entire house and needed someone to help them with opening up the exterior …

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