Skylights Provide Daylight and a View Without Sacrificing Privacy

Windows Have a Disadvantage!

Everyone loves windows, but unless you have a secluded residence or a privacy fence, odds are they let everyone nearby see everything you’re doing, any time. You can solve this by pulling the blinds or drapes, but you no longer get light, and are stuck looking at an artificial surface instead of the natural world.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Skylights let in light and a view to the outside world, but privately.

Bathroom and bedroom are great candidates, but every room can benefit from skylights. We do, however, highly recommend blinds in the bedroom unless you like waking up with the sun every day (or not sleeping with the full moon every month).

Control the light.

The blinds and skylights can be controlled using a single remote, and can be programmed in any way imaginable, including opening up at a certain time every day (how’s that for an alarm clock?).

BR woman basking

Fresh Air Skylights

Venting skylights are a great option for bathrooms, especially over the shower. They expel moisture and steam, help prevent mold, and the natural light is a great way to wake up every morning.

Installing a skylight in your living room will open it up, making it feel larger and more open with out having to worry about your neighbors watching you read.

Installing a venting skylight in your kitchen will allow bad odors and excess humidity to escape (or smoke if you cook like me) and can give you more cabinet space by reducing your need on windows.

Closets, Hallways and Stair Wells

Velux Sun Tunnel lights closet.

Even enclosed spaces such as closets, hallways and stair wells can be lit with VELUX SUN TUNNELS. They are a cost effective way to bring light into a space when a view isn’t needed. The extra light will make the space more welcoming (and help keep you from running into things too).