Velux Skylight Accessories

Accessories for Velux Skylights. Velux makes many accessories to personalize and alter their skylights to fit your needs. Here’s a short list. Remote controls Add automation and ease to your skylight. KLR 200 Intelligent touch remote control Velux has several other remote controls for any of your skylights Blinds Control the light entering your room, day or night. Room …

Solar Exhaust Fans

Power vent your attic space without running electrical power Most people that have attics have inadequate ventilation for those attic spaces. This causes undue heat in the summer into the living space and can cause condensation problems in the winter. Now it is easy to install a power vent that is powered by the sun.

Heated Skylight Glass

Prevent condensation or cold air drafts with heated glass on windows and skylights This shows a bit about the possibilities in preventing condensation on windows or skylights. Other uses are for towel warmers, etc.

Glass Scratch Removal System

You no longer have to replace scratched glass There are systems available that allow you to polish away scratches or acid damage in glass without distorting the view. The cost is a fraction of the replacement cost of the glass.

Tinted Skylight

How to block heat from entering your skylight Many people experience too much heat from their skylight in the spring or summer months. This is especially prevalent if the glazing (glass, acrylic, etc.) on the skylight is made of a clear product. There are many companies that want to add a film to your glass …

Snow Melting

Best Way to Melt Snow Off of Glass Do you have a problem where snow or ice build-up on your overhead glass is giving you headaches? (pun intended) The best solution we have for you is to replace your glass with heated glass. The glass heating can be controlled to operate in any way you desire. The energy it uses …

Heated Glass

UL Listed Heated Glass Heated glass solves many glazing problems such as condensation, cold drafts or chills from glass windows. Heated glass prevents condensation and is utilized instead of designing a space that requires a large amount of air movement to prevent the moisture problem. Glass towel warmers are popular at hotels and spas. Art …