Clean Skylights Can Be Humorous

Invisible Skylights

While on a family vacation, I received this email from one of my employees:

Marjorie Bruce (job 1335) called Trisha to say that our rep (Dave) just took off her old skylights and left without installing the new ones. “Now I’ve got two empty holes and a storm is on its way”.  Trisha give her Dave’s cell number and she leaves him a message in a panic asking him to hurry back with her new ones.  Dave calls me stating that he did indeed replace them with FCMs at 10 a.m. this morning.  I call the customer and she repeats that there is nothing up there.  After a quick ‘broom stick’ test, she thanked us for her new “amazingly invisible” skylights.

After a quick broom-stick test, she thanked us for her new amazingly invisible skylights.

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