I am beyond happy…

I am beyond happy…
VELUX FS S06 w/EDL flashing
February 18, 2021

Although I live HOURS away, these fellas not only took the drive, but they arrived EARLY! They managed to keep the work in a secluded spot, which they went above and beyond to clean up once complete, and kept me involved in every step! They were kind and courteous, and very professional. Also, did I mention that this happened all in February in Colorado!? We just had a snow storm and another that was on the way, and the way these men worked, you’d believe it was a bright sunny summer day.
I literally sat in my living room for hours just looking into the sky, watching snow accumulate on the new skylight. I am beyond happy, I thank them, and most importantly, my plants thank them! The house was very dark, almost spooky dark, and now it feels like an ad in Better Homes magazine! I took pictures and posted them to my social media, and already referred them to a friend. This is such an exciting day. I only bought this house in late 2019 and was ready to place it back on the market because well, I’m a plant lady. After yesterday’s new install, that idea is out the window! Who knew that for the right price and a few hours, a house could turn into a home!
Thanks again fellas!