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Free Estimates in the Denver/Boulder Metro Area.

After the Estimate:

Our skylight specialists have over 100 years of experience identifying and repairing skylight problems. They will examine the collected data from the estimate and provide you with an exact proposal for a cost effective solution—typically via email.

Learn more about types of leaks and other problems we may have found:

Common Skylight Problems

Leak Repair

Repairs are labor intensive with less material costs. As such, these costs for effective repairs must be balanced against the cost of replacing the skylight. A VELUX FCM glass skylight replacement can be as low as $595 for a common size acrylic dome in the metro area.

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The Benefits of Replacement

  • Hail Resistance
  • Aesthetics—a clearer sky – lower profile.
  • Improved Heat Gain/Loss – UV Damage.
  • Available 10 year No Leak Installation Warranty

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Your In-Home Visit.

One of our new installation specialists will meet with you in your home and collect all of the necessary information to allow us to give you the best price possible.

We’ll be happy to go over available products and their potential layouts, as well as answer any questions you have regarding the process.

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Installation—What to Expect

A skylight installation happens in two phases—rooftop and interior. Our specialists will make every effort to protect your home’s interior from dust and other installation debris.

Installations can take between a half day to three days, depending on conditions or circumstances.

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