3 Cracked or Broken

hail damage stress crack 2

Aging acrylic skylights are at risk of cracking or breaking. Brittle Acrylic: Over time, acrylic materials lose the compounds that make them flexible, thus becoming brittle and susceptible to cracking and breaking. In Colorado, where summer hail storms are common, brittle skylights are a real …

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Glass Scratch Removal System

You no longer have to replace scratched glass There are systems available that allow you to polish away scratches or acid damage in glass without distorting the view. The cost is a fraction of the replacement cost of the glass.

Cracked Skylights

What do you do when your skylight is cracked? The most common crack that occurs with skylights is usually found on the acrylic glazed skylight. Probably the second most common crack would be found on laminate glass skylights. It is best to repair either crack …

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