Velux Modular Ridgelight

Designed for architecture – engineered for performance.

VELUX Modular Skylights are the perfect way to open up large rooms in your home and create a light, bright and spacious environment. VELUX Modular Skylights combine elegant lines and intelligent design with exceptional energy efficiency.

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True minimalistic design.

Most contemporary skylights reveal the difficulty of creating a true minimalistic design with few obtrusive components. Actuators for ventilation and sunscreening often stick out and spoil the view.

VELUX Modular Skylights have overcome this challenge by creating a totally integrated modular design, inserting actuators into the sash as well as creating a simpler sunscreening application. The result is a classic yet modern skylight solution complimenting the overall architectural design.

The VELUX ridgelight 25-40° is a classic looking solution consisting of two rows of self-supporting skylights that add natural light and openness to the areas below.

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A complete skylight system

Mounting bracket


The galvanized steel mounting bracket at the bottom and the interlocking ridge bracket at the top ensures a precise and easy installation.

Self-supporting ridge


The self-supporting ridge is covered internally by a white cover that offers an elegant finish.

No on-site adjustment


The solution-specific ridge flashing is prefabricated and supplied by the VELUX Group. No on-site adjustment is needed.

VELUX modular ridgelight project
Click image to see our VELUX modular ridgelight project

Suggested configurations and available sizes.

One Venting Unit
One Fixed—One Venting
Two Fixed—Two Venting
Two Fixed—Two Venting
Seven Fixed—Three Venting
Module Sizes

Roller Blinds

vms blinds

VELUX Guarantee

longlight woman

VELUX Modular Skylights and VELUX flashings are supported by a 10-year guarantee. Blinds, actuators and other electrical components that are a part of the modular system come with a 3-year guarantee.
All warranty is subject to correct installation and usage.


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