Velux Modular Longlight

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The VELUX longlight 5-25° solution is a single series of Modular Skylights that provides stunning lighting conditions to larger rooms, corridors and hallways.

Mounting bracket


The galvanized steel bracket system for fastening the module consists of two identical brackets and clamps at top and bottom, ensuring a precise and easy installation.

Modular flashing


The prefabricated modular flashing comes with integrated insulation and snow stop. The flashing is easy to install and guarantees a perfect fit that makes it 100% waterproof.

Wall-mounted longlight


The flashing design allows for configurations with a pitch of 5° to 40°. The wall-mounted solution is a basically a longlight mounted against a vertical wall.

vms longlight

  • One Unit
    One Venting Unit
  • Two Units
    One Fixed—One Venting
  • Three Units
    Two Fixed—One Venting
  • Four Units
    Two Fixed—Two Venting
  • Ten Units
    Seven Fixed—Three Venting
Module Sizes
vms blinds

longlight woman

VELUX Modular Skylights and VELUX flashings are supported by a 10-year guarantee. Blinds, actuators and other electrical components that are a part of the modular system come with a 3-year guarantee.
All warranty is subject to correct installation and usage.


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