Federal Solar Tax Benefits Extended

The Residential Clean Energy Credit signed on August 16, 2022 allows you to subtract 30 percent of solar costs off your federal taxes, through 2032

The 30 percent credit lasts until Dec. 31, 2032. It drops to 26 percent in 2033, then 22 percent in 2034, and disappears in 2035, unless Congress continues it.

Eligible for 30% federal tax credit

Under these laws VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights, VELUX Fresh Air Skylights with Go Solar and VELUX Fixed Skylights with Go Solar as well as VELUX residential rigid Sun Tunnel® with the solar night light, and  VELUX Solar Powered Blinds qualify under “Solar Electric Property” expenditures when purchased and installed from January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2032.

Eligible for 30% federal tax credit

Please verify your actual savings with a tax professional. Skylight Specialists used some of the following sources for information: Consumer Reports, Investopedia, and Journal of Accountancy.

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