Mountain Skylight Repair | Avon

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A Mountain Skylight That Leaks. This mountain skylight repair project, located in Avon, Colorado, involves a large multi-pane skylight that resembles the roof of a sunroom enclosure. There are two sections joined at a hip rafter. The mountain skylight had leaked for many years—causing damage …

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Mountain Skylight Repair | Evergreen

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There Is Nothing More Frustrating Then Having To Deal With A Skylight Repair That Isn’t Repaired. This project had the original skylights installed years ago. And, unfortunately, had skylight repairs performed by others multiple times with no satisfaction. Setting Glass Directly on Rafters is not …

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Hail Damaged Custom Skylights

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Hail Damaged Custom Skylights Need Replacement. This residence in Greenwood Village’s Huntington Acres subdivision had severely hail damaged custom skylights and a damaged roof. This particular home had six…

Custom Skylight — MAGS BAR Curb Mount

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An outdated custom skylight. Built in 1997, the owners of this residence in Denver’s Hilltop neighborhood had to face the facts. Their skylight had to be replaced. The original skylight was constructed inexpensively…

Custom Residential Glazing or Glass Systems

There are many homes that have difficult sloped or even vertical glazing problems that we are experts at solving We often get called on by insurance companies and national contractors to help them solve glass problems that their residential clients have issues with. An example is …

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Custom Sloped Glazing

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Projects that turn ugly glass systems into beautiful glazing systems are fun to see Projects that turn ugly glass systems into beautiful glazing systems are fun to see. Our customers love the results. These pictures show some before and after shots of a system we …

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Sunroom or Sunspace Repairs

Replacing Glazing in Sunrooms or Sunspaces Many factory built sunrooms were manufactured with 30″ wide spacing on their aluminum rafters. They also designed the system to utilize 30″ or 46″ long panes of glass for ease of shipment and installation. A very light duty crossbar …

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